1. The view from a vacant Chicago Tribune executive office.


  4. Finally, the last of the Impossible Project’s new film, reviewed for your pleasure. IP’s Color Film for Image/Spectra is the successor to the PZ 680 line and features all the same great colors of IP Color Film for 600. Check out the review for all the details. 


  5. Here’s my review of the Impossible Projects new Color Film for SX-70. Only one more type of film to go before I have all of IP’s new films reviewed before the new year!

  6. carterlodwick:

    Ian, Dan and I worked on a new game this weekend. It’s about a high-functioning alcoholic at his niece’s wedding. These are some screen shots from the build we managed to put together over the weekend, which is incomplete but off to a good start I think! 

    You can play it here HERE

    Something cool I got to help out with! 

  8. TRIP


  12. At long last the Impossible Project has released a new line of black and white instant film for 600 Polaroid cameras! Featuring a new chemical formula, it’s easily the best monochrome film IP has produced yet. Check out the full review for all the details!

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  14. Lately I’ve been asked quite a bit about the value of specific cameras. While I don’t know the exact value of cameras floating around out there, I do know some of the factors that drive prices that will help you make an educated purchase. Check out the article on my site!