2. Some thoughts on a subject that has befuddled me for a while. Instant film doesn’t always play nice indoors, especially when one tries to take flash out the equation. Enjoy!


  4. Some thoughts on photography, the internet, and how I suck at tumblr and love it anyway.

  9. The view from my window today.


  10. sunshinebemymother said: Hi Dan, I found a working Polaroid Spectra System today in a garage sale and I was immediately intrigued! After googling the camera name and finding your blog, I found your blog posts on the Polaroid Spectra System extremely helpful. Thanks for the heads up to buy film from The Impossible Project, I'll definitely have to buy some when it is in stock again. Any advice for an amateur photographer using a 'serious photographer' camera?

    Glad you found my site helpful! As for serious photographer cameras, if you’re talking about the Polaroid Spectra System camera you just found, don’t sweat it. Polaroid cameras are about as far away from ‘serious photographer’ as you can get. Have fun, experiment, try taking photos of whatever interests you. The fun thing about instant film is that the results will almost always surprise you. As for exposure, focus, and all that stuff that sometimes intimidates people, the instant camera will largely take care of it for you. 

    I think this is part of the reason that I’m so attracted to instant film. My day job in video requires me to carefully plan out shots, and spend hours helping to make sure the lighting and visuals are just right. A successful instant film shoot usually requires the exact opposite: keeping an open mind, and letting a shoot take you where it may. 

    Good luck and happy shooting!


  11. nevver:

    Timeline of the Far Future (larger)

    While you’re inside trying to keep warm, how about pondering the eventual gravitational death of the earth? 


  14. New post up on my site to answer a question I get often. Unfortunately instant film isn’t the cheapest hobby out there…

  15. The view from a vacant Chicago Tribune executive office.